Slaughter Beach Delaware

"A Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary"

A Certified Wildlife Habitat Community

Council’s Corner

It’s hard to believe that the end of another year is upon us and many of us are turning our attention to the upcoming holidays, but life at the beach goes on.  The off-season is often the busiest time of year for the Council and it is when officials from coastal communities can meet to discuss those issues that are a concern to large and small towns alike. 

This year, several state agencies are joining together to host a “Resilient and Sustainable Communities Summit” to be held in Dover in late November.  So far, over 120 state officials, community leaders, members of academia, and first responders have registered to attend and we’re very proud that our Mayor, Harry Ward, has been asked to speak to the group about how the Town of Slaughter Beach is working to increase community preparedness and resiliency.

We’re also working on a complete update to the Town’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (“CLUP”) as mandated by Delaware law.  The Town submitted our first plan to the State Planning Office in 2007.  That plan was approved in 2008, and although we submitted periodic updates, we must submit an entirely new plan next year.  This plan will not only establish land-use policies and identify growth areas, but must also address other community concerns, such as agricultural preservation, the preservation of open spaces, historic preservation, beach and habitat preservation, economic development and transportation.  

The land-use issue that most concerns us is the unbridled growth that’s occurred in Sussex County over the past decade.   We are diligently working to ensure that the wetlands that protect our town from coastal storms are not threatened by development, especially since Milford is the second fastest growing city in Sussex County and the fifth fastest growing city in the State with a 2016 growth rate that approached 8%.

We encourage the public to remain involved in the land-use process and we will hold a public meeting to collectively discuss our concerns and long-term plans.  This meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on November 13th, the same day as our regular monthly Council meeting.

All the best,

Kathy Lock

Councilwoman and Treasurer, Town of Slaughter Beach