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Council’s Corner


As we approach the next summer season, it occurs to me that many of you do not get into the details of our Town, by attending Council meetings or volunteering for one of the many committees that the Town has available. For this reason, I thought I would highlight some of the committees and what they do, as well as note that there are ALWAYS positions available. I would also bring to your attention what has been achieved by some of these committees.

Historical Committee – This committee is run by our newest Council member, Stephen Heyse. He will be reaching out to many of you to get your perspective and many images of our history. He can use all of your assistance. He can be reached at

There is absolutely no requirement that you live here full time to be a part of this exciting committee. Steve has already started on some very interesting topics surrounding when and how our Cedar Creek was re-directed into the main Mispillion Channel.

Board of Elections – This committee simply has to be trained on Delaware’s election process and be available to answer questions – if and when we have an election(s). The time involved is almost exclusively to take a 4 hour training course and maybe answer a few questions from Council or the Town Clerk. Kathy McFadden is our Town Clerk and can be reached at

This committee keeps us out of trouble in the event we have an election.

In addition to the Board of Elections, we require 3 poll workers that can be at the polling place on Slaughter Beach election day, again, should we need an election. It is a fun 1/2 day to sit and meet all the voters in our community. There is no full time resident requirement for this committee.


Planning and Zoning Committee – This committee is in charge of reviewing our zoning and ordinances. It is headed by Bill McSpadden, and he can be reached at

This committee doesn’t meet regularly, but they do an incredible job. They have given the council all the meat we needed to dig into our soon to be voted on ordinances. Not a lot of changes for the Town, but some tightening of weak areas and some deletion of antiquated ordinances (like pig fences). There is no full time resident requirement to live in Slaughter Beach to be a member of this committee.

5K Fundraising Committee – This committee is headed up by our Treasurer, Kathy Lock and she can be reached at

This function continues to grow exponentially, and we continue to raise funds for vital organizations. For 2020, we are donating all net proceeds to The Memorial Fire Company and we can use all the help in this area, we can get. Join the committee and lets see how we can continue to raise the bar on this incredible day, with such a worthy cause. Again, there is no requirement for residency for this committee.

Board of Adjustment – This committee rarely meets, but when it does, it has a very important function. To review any requested variance to see if the requested variance has a hardship or legal case for being considered. Once reviewed by this board and the Town Council, the Board of Adjustment advises/directs the Town Council how to move forward with the requested variance(s). This committee is run by James Dalton and you can reach him at

Variances, by definition, are rare, but when they pop up, they can have significant implications for our community. There is a residency requirement for these committee members.

Please consider reaching out and seeing how you can assist your community to continue to be the vibrant, rational and neighborly place in which we all love to live and play.

All the best

Harry Ward

Mayor, Town of Slaughter Beach

Home: 302-422-0894