Slaughter Beach Delaware

"A Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary"

A Certified Wildlife Habitat Community

Visitor Information

We welcome you to our charming Town of Slaughter Beach founded in 1681. Here along with a nice diversity of human residents representing many states & countries you also will find a wide diversity of habitats & critters within. Some such as the Horseshoe Crab an ancient much revered creature of which we are also a sanctuary for. We ask that you respect not only the fragile habitat we lie within but the public facilities the residents of this small town make available for your comfort.

We encourage you to enjoy the peace, quiet, & beauty we gladly share with you. We remind you to leash your dogs, pick up after them, stay off the dunes, please leave nothing behind but your foot prints, & respect the rights of all!


Due to ongoing concerns for the potential transfer of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and under the Governor’s State of Emergency and the CDC’s recommendation to limit gatherings, the Town of Slaughter Beach is issuing limited permits for our park pavilion and special events.  Permit applications must be received 2 weeks prior to the reservation date requested.  All permits are conditional and may be cancelled by the Town of Slaughter Beach at any time.  Our beach remains open to the public for regular use; however, please keep in mind, that play equipment and other park fixtures are not sanitized by the town.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED WHEN YOU CANNOT MAINTAIN A MINIMUM OF 6 FEET OF DISTANCE FROM OTHERS OUTSIDE YOUR FAMILY UNIT.

The Town of Slaughter Beach encourages the public to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) procedures for limiting potential transmission causes.  Common procedures include practicing good hygiene by washing hands with soap and water and then using hand sanitized, avoiding large activities and gatherings, and staying home if you are feeling sick or have a sick family member in the home.  We will continue to monitor the situation, work with the Division of Public Health, and closely follow CDC guidelines and State recommendations.

Pavilion Reservation

Thank you for your interest in the Town of Slaughter Beach.  The Town Clerk is glad to be of service to Slaughter Beach patrons seeking reservations for the pavilion, the playground and courts, and/or for special events.  Please review all policies, procedures, and attachments to assist you in the reservation process, applicable for the 2020 season.

For groups between 10 and 49, the pavilion must be reserved (at no cost to the applicant) on a first-come first-served basis.  A Reservation Request Form, Pavilion-Reservation-Form must be submitted in advance to the Town Clerk at  Please be advised that you are only reserving the pavilion: the beach and restrooms will remain open to the public. The form can be downloaded, scanned and emailed to  It can also be mailed to Town of Slaughter Beach, 357 Bay Avenue, Slaughter Beach, DE 19963.  Reservations must be received 7 days in advance of the gathering/

Special Event Permit

Groups 50 and above must apply for a Special Event Permit.  All Special Event permits are for the permitted rental season, April 1st through October 31st and are issued on a first-come, first served basis after an application and full payment are received.

Permit requests must be approved by the Town Clerk a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to an event.  Approval is at the sole discretion of the Town Clerk and can only be canceled or added to by the applicant.  Any changes, cancellations, and additions must be submitted to the Town Clerk in writing.

General notices:

  • Police coverage, traffic control, additional parking, and emergency support may be required at the discretion of the Town Clerk. The applicant is responsible for paying any and all additional costs associated with additional services.
  • Our office is happy to offer a 20% discount to nonprofit organizations when a qualifying 501(c)(3) provides documentation that is submitted with the request.
  • Amplified sound is not permitted within the pavilion or park area.
  • Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances are prohibited on the beach or on town parkland.
  • Parking and/or driving on the grass and/or walking path(s) is prohibited.
  • Admission fees or fees for rented games/booths may not be charged.
  • Distribution of any educational or religious materials is restricted to event attendees only.
  • The permit holder/park users must adhere to all rules and regulations contained within Town of Slaughter Beach, Delaware, Code of Ordinances, Title II, Chapter II.6 – USE OF SPECIFIED PUBLIC PLACES AND FACILITIES.
  • A $25 non-resident fee will be charged for all reservations made under an address outside of the Town of Slaughter Beach. However, the Town Council may, at its sole discretion, waive all fees at the request of a legal resident of the Town or at the request of the Slaughter Beach Memorial Fire Company.


Special Event Permit Application


Please download and print all the required forms from the webpage. Completed forms can be sent via email correspondence to  Only the Town Clerk will have access to this email so that the payment information you list on your application is protected.  We shred all payment information after processing unless otherwise requested.

Anyone wishing to rent the Memorial Vol. Fire Co. Hall, for a special occasion, can call (302) 535-3656 for additional information.

Seasonal Items of Interest:

  • April/May: Baby Diamondback Terrapin Hatchlings have been emerging and moving from bay side to the marsh. Keep an eye out as they cross the road. If you find one move it to the marsh side of the road.
  • May/June/July: Female Diamondback Terrapins will start nesting activity in the coming months. The females will leave the marsh and start looking for sandy areas to nest in. This means a dangerous crossing of Bay Ave. Please keep an eye out for them. If you find and move it, please make sure you send her in the direction she was going.
  • April/May/June: Shore Birds are returning. Please disturb them as little as possible, they have come a great distance to feed and fatten up before flying north to nest.
  • May/June/July/August: Horseshoe Crabs will be returning usually starting in May and lingering through August. The heaviest concentration is usually in late May through June. If you see one flipped on its back, just roll turn it over. Never pick it up by the tail and if you find a tagged one, please do not remove the tag and report the information following the directions on the tag. Volunteers are needed for the spawning survey, if your are interested more information can be found here: Training flyer-word format 2018-1
  • September/October: Fall migration of the Shore Birds and Monarch Butterflies.