Slaughter Beach Delaware

"A Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary"

A Certified Wildlife Habitat Community

Building Department

Town Construction Permits

If you are planning a new structure, an addition, remodeling or repair work, or demolition of an existing structure on your property, please contact our Building Official to find out what permits will be required. also requires a permit. He will be able to answer your questions about the Town’s Zoning Ordinance and Flood Zone Ordinance, as well what information you will be required to submit in order to obtain your Building permit. He will also direct you to other County, State, and Federal agencies that may require permits or approvals.
Slaughter Beach Building Official & Flood Zone Manager:
Robert Clendaniel
Phone: (302) 270-0687

Code Enforcer

Presently, each council member acts as code enforcer as needed. So contact accordingly, our numbers can be found under the Contact Tab. Please remember, we are not the police or dog catcher, etc. Also please try to make contact during normal business hours between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. preferably. If an emergency, please call 911. For most dog issues call the SPCA (302-856-6361). If there’s a problem with your neighbor, please try and work it out with her/him first. The Town Code is meant to make all our lives more enjoyable and to enhance life within our Town. They will be enforced evenly across the board. Please respect the rights of others as you’d like to be respected.

Town Code

Adopted Zoning Code – If you would like a printed signed hard copy of the revised code please contact the Town – see contacts tab for address/phone number. The fee for the document is $10.00 plus shipping – if required.

Zoning Code

Updated (August 2016) Regulation Governing Beach Protection and the Use of Beaches: 5102