Slaughter Beach Delaware

"A Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary"

A Certified Wildlife Habitat Community

The Coastal Resilience Design Studio (CRDS) Preliminary Report

The Coastal Resilience Design Studio (CRDS) is a partnership between the Delaware Sea Grant College Program, the University of Delaware Sustainable Coastal Communities Initiative, and the University of Delaware Landscape Architecture Program.  The CRDS provides undergraduate and graduate students from academic institutions across Delaware with a hands-on, community-engaged learning experience that provides real-world solutions to many of the pressing challenges facing Delaware’s coastal communities.  Every summer, the CRDS chooses a community in Delaware to work with and, ultimately, design a community resilience plan for the area and Slaughter Beach was chosen for 2023-2024.

Information about CRDS and what they do can be found here:

On June 5, 2023 the students met approximately 30 residents at an open house and took a walking as well as a boat tour courtesy of the Memorial Volunteer Fire Department along the Mispillion and Delaware Bay to better understand the advantages and challenges faced by this waterfront community.  In addition to sharing what drew residents to live at Slaughter Beach, or how they came to own homes here, residents took time to share highlights and experiences while living in this community.

The design team spent time at each of the visitor highlights, including the beach,  Marvel Tract and Memorial Park, as well as reviewing challenges like speeding, dune erosion and detritus on the beach.  Below is a video link of that meeting with several of the suggestions and modifications that could help to improve beach access, slow drivers, and improve quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Thank you for taking the time to view this preliminary report from the CRDS team. Town Council is taking all suggestions under consideration, but will not make any decisions until financing for one or any of the plans can be secured.