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Town Election Information



A Town election will be held on Saturday July 1st. The Town Slaughter Beach has two seats on the Town Council up for election this year.  The seats of  Harry Ward and Bill Krause are up for election – each seat has a term of two years.  2017-notice-of-election


Town Council Qualifications

If you are interested in running for a Council seat, and provided you meet the qualifications, you will need to file a Letter of Intent with the Town.  The forms can be obtained from the Town by calling (302) 424-7659 or emailing You can also download a copy here: Candidate Qualifications and Filing Form

A Notice of intent to seek office, including an affidavit that the candidate meets all the qualifications for office, shall be filed by 5:00pm on June 2 at the Town’s offices located at 357 Bay Ave., Slaughter Beach.


Voting Information

Polling location is at the Memorial Fire Company at Slaughter Beach, 357 Bay Ave. in the first floor meeting room. Voting hours are from 8am to 12 noon.   Voter qualifications can be found here: Election Voter Qualifications  along with the information/ID you should bring to the Polling Place.


Absentee Balloting

New this year is absentee balloting. It is very important that you follow the instructions for obtaining an absentee ballot; otherwise your vote will not count. (Absentee ballot instructions to be posted) You will have to submit a voting affidavit prior to obtaining an absentee ballot. You can obtain the affidavit either by calling the Town, emailing the Town, or can download a copy here:  Absentee ballot affidavit. An affidavit must be received no later than by 12:00PM on June 30th.
If you request an absentee ballot, you must use it to vote. You will not be permitted to vote by machine on the day of the election.


Board of Elections