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Comprehensive Land Use Plan Draft

Date Posted: Monday, February 26th, 2018

Town’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan Draft

Delaware law requires that municipalities engage in comprehensive planning activities to encourage “the most appropriate uses of the physical and fiscal resources of the municipality and the coordination of municipal growth, development, and infrastructure investment actions with those of other municipalities, counties and the State.”  This plan was written to comply with the requirements of a municipal development strategy as described in the Delaware Code (below) for towns with a population of 2000 or fewer people.

The municipal comprehensive plan for small communities (such as the Town Of Slaughter Beach) with fewer than 2000 people is to be “documented in text and maps, containing at a minimum, a municipal development strategy setting forth the jurisdiction’s position on population and housing growth within the jurisdiction, expansion of its boundaries, development of adjacent areas, redevelopment potential, community character, and the general uses of land within the community, and critical community development and infrastructure issues”.  In addition, the town’s comprehensive planning process must demonstrate coordination with other municipalities, the county, and the state during plan preparation. (22 Del. C1953 702; 49 Del. Laws, c.415, 1.)

This draft, once approved, will then go through the States Preliminary Land Use Service for State certification.  The Town has contracted with E.R.I, to put the draft into its final form and update all maps.   A copy of the draft can be found here:  3-1-2018 CLUP revisions      Changes to the existing maps can be found here: Mapping

The present Plan  and maps can be found here:

march 12th 2018 Town council meeting CLUP