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July 4th Regatta Results and Recap

Date Posted: Monday, June 6th, 2016

It’s been a week and our quiet little bit of paradise has reverted back to being a haven for solitude, birding, flippin’ crabs, cruising the beach in golf carts and of course, boating, when the tides and bugs permit.
The keg is almost dead, the kids and grandkids are on their way to points west and the majority of the buoys are deflated and put away.
I am personally so very thankful for everyone’s participation in this year’s festivities. Every possible circumstance was against us this year:

  • The 4th fell on a Monday
  • An incredibly early start due to tides.
  • No wind, early. When I walked out of my home at sunrise and the seagulls had their index fingers in the air checking for any wind, you know it was going to be a challenge to sail.

All that being said, we had a great turnout. NSA provided us with bromide enhanced crowd control photography and closest estimates of turnout were 125 attendees, just right in the immediate vicinity of race control.
Sorry to the northenders for the change up of the schedule. We know it hurt boater turnout for the kayak and monohull races, but not much else could be done. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. In the future, the Competition Committee (SBSCCC) strongly advises bringing your boats down to our place the day/night before. That way, you can get out regardless of wind, tide and horseshoe crab mating conditions.
The t-shirt decorating was a huge success, with creativity shown by all except Jason. Who knew that there are blue horseshoe crabs. We will have these ones around for along time as the new technology is pretty much wear proof. Great ideas from Sandy, Sarah, Jason and all.Jason, I still have yet to see your version!!!

With no further ado, here is the lineup, highlights, lowlights and race results:

  • Kayak race – a tight start with narrow starting blocks insured a hectic beginning, but nothing seemed to dissuade the Giampietro men from pulling quickly out ahead of the pack. Lynn and Jeff even had an oar on Tony’s PFD but were easily shrugged off. Must be that military training. Jason had a straight t-bone shot at the leaders at the northern buoy, but somehow the serpentine training of Jake and Tony paid off. They shot further ahead for the southern leg and basically spanked the field. This is the 2nd year in a row for the Giampietro team. Next year, we are hoping the northender O’Donnell crew gets their boats out to give them a challenge. Lynn, Jeff, a valiant attempt to draw closer at the end, but they just had too much of a lead on you. I think we’ve imported a strong contender in Lynn. I could hear her telling my son just what to do, through most of the southern leg. Those Rhode Island girls are tough.
  • Kids kayak race – Another hotly contested race with a pair of winners in Riley Galizio & Whitley Gilchrist pulling it out in the end. Who knew we had future olympiads in our midst. I expect them back next year to see if they can hold up their end for another season!!!
  • Monohull race – the winds picked up a bit after the tide turn and the monohull race was finally on the starting blocks. Not that we had brisk winds. I decided to crochet a sweater on the north leg. Charlie hit the start perfectly and raced a very smart course. He hit the north mark in the lead and was able to pinch the east buoy without the enormous east tack many of us took. Raced a smart race all around and deserved the lead he had all the way through. A few interesting points along the way. Chip must have had a recorded message on his boat as all I heard off my stern for the first 5 minutes of the race was “don’t hit my boat, don’t hit my boat……”. I think he needs to get Gail back on his hull to keep the peace out on the water. Again, not sure where he dumped Gail off, but if I were her, I’d be pissed. Bob Kehoe and I had fun on the north leg with him pinching me up wind most of the way. Let that be a warning to the rest of you, do this at your own risk as the lasso I used to grab his rudder allowed me to leap frog past him. Pinch at your own risk!!! Jeff, Andreus, Jason, and even Chip all had a pretty relaxed attitude during much of the race as I saw them laying down in their respective cockpits with lines running boat to boat and beers being transferred to and fro. Just sayin, sharing is allowed and next year may be mandatory. Again, male domination continued here, as well. I smell a theme.
  • Boogie board race – Katie, Gia, Ella and Maddy all participated in a race that was starting to be impacted by the rising winds. Seemed that all had a bit of trouble listening to course control for the start, so a few yellow flag warnings later, all were able to get a clean start. Maddy and Katie quickly jumped into a blocking lead, but Maddy’s consistent legwork paid off with a strong north leg and a steady southern leg pulled Maddy the win. Gia and Ella seemed to have a Ian powered turbo boost that brought them in for a tie for 3rd. Katie was strong in second, but just couldn’t quite get to Maddy on the southern leg. Congrats to Maddie for pulling out a much needed win for the Ward household. So great to see our future leaders all out on the water, enjoying the day and having a great time. Congrats to all 4 of these smart and beautiful girls. Having said that, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that my granddaughter finally brought home a trophy to the Ward clan. A long drought finally ended. Proud Grandpa!!!
  • Catamaran race. What can I say here except thank you to all the participants this year. Best turnout so far with either 6 or 7 boats. I am hesitant to discuss the details, except to say one thing – I FINALLY WON!!! Mike, Craig and Ben, I have no idea what happened to you guys at different points of the race, and I really do care, but I will not belabor those details, as again – I WON!!!
  • Kids pie eating contest – who knew that kids would all want to participate in a contest where all they have to do is wolf down as much chocolate and whipped cream as they can, in a short period of time? In this inaugural event for the kids, we really got their attention. All it takes is sugar – who knew? Wow, these kids have a future in the adult version of this contest. Took no more than 98 seconds for them to scarf down a whole pie. Congrats to Leo Updegraft for a fine showing and with finesse and with very little mess. I think a few of the adults could take lessons from Leo!!!
  • Pie eating contest – a full contingent of participants. Two former winners and some real contenders in the mix. Glenn, Chris, Jason, Roddy and Gerry all seemed to have a fighting chance. As it turns out all we had for possibilities at the end were Glenn, Chris and Roddy. Chris pulled it out at the end but both Roddy and Glenn were only seconds off the rocket pace set by Chris. I do believe his fold and face plant methodology is the key to his success.
  • Wet t-shirt contest – as promised, a family friendly wet t-shirt contest was pulled off, and by all accounts was the latest and greatest addition to the SBSC Events Committee (SBSCEC) traditions. I just don’t know what to say here. I could make crass commentary or even really corny puns, but I will simply say that when you get a DC lawyer pitted against a liquor Sales executive at the end, you would think the Liquor executive would have the upper hand in a wet t-shirt contest. Obviously not in this part of the solar system. Congratulations to Claire Watkins for being the most capable wet t-shirt applier in SB. Kelly, all I can say is – practice, practice, practice.

A great day and I need to take the time to bring all up to date on a sad note. We lost the 3rd buoy (southern most one) to the seas on Monday night. Not sure if it was pirates, a kraken or simply a poorly tied anchor by the SBSC buoy setting committee (SBSCBSC). If you see it in your travels, please sign your name to it and add a phone number or email address. It could be the next “were is Waldo of the seas” or some other foolish game to keep us amused when the sun is not shining.

Thanks go to too many people in the family and community for all of your help. I always run the risk of missing many people when I go through the thank you’s, but I would feel terrible if I didn’t mention as many as I can think of at the moment.

  • Jimmy, Marie, Lynn, Jerry, Peg & Ernie. Thanks for all your help with the food committee and so many other things you help the SBSC with. The dogs and watermelon were great and we love the new technology!!!
  • Roddy, your help in setting up and tearing down is always appreciated and much needed. Gonna have to import you from Alaska soon
  • Cynthia and John. Thanks so much for the Yuengling!!!
  • Ian and Claire. Thanks for offering up the front yard to those needing to bring boats down and for being such good sports and good neighbors.
  • Mike and Leslie and all friends and family. Thanks for the help in setting up, in setting buoys and being generally supportive. Thanks especially for the scotch!
  • Anne. Thanks so much for the pie crusts.
  • Donald and family and all others who were so helpful in teardown. Thank you.
  • Tricia Anne. Thanks so much for the photos – all – see attached link!!!
  • Bill, thanks for all your support on the website and all year long support of us SBSCers
  • Becky, thanks so much for all your help with photography. You didn’t know you were the official photographer to the SBSC marketing arm.
  • Sarah, Thanks for being the best daughter in the world and for all year long support putting Jason and my weird ideas into practical terms.
  • Jeff, you are a son that cannot be beaten. In a lot of ways. I love all your help and your constant encouragement.
  • Jason and Krista. How do you put up with all of us without some of the weirdness rubbing off – too bad and too late. Thanks to both for the help, the creativity and your support.
  • Sandy. If I told you 31 years ago that my passion would be this type of thing, would you still have married me or would you have run away even faster than you tried to. Thanks for putting up with this bizarre passion.
  • All of the participants on and off the water and all along the beach. Thanks for allowing this to happen and all being great sports about this event
  • All others that I have neglected to mention. My heartfelt and most sincere apologies.
  • NSA, TSA, FCC, CIA, DIA, FEMA, DEMA, DNREC, Army Corps and the GSA. Thanks for the monitoring, permitting, spying and kibitzing. Fees will continue to rise until we have covered all of your SBSC regatta budgetary expenditures

Wishing you all a great rest of the summer and here’s to finding buoy #3!!!



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